This research is part of my PhD (at the University of Derby).

Development of an 8-week Compassion-Based Training for Female Breast Cancer Patients (stages I-IIIC).

The compassion-based training is an 8-week training and similarly to Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) classes are approximately 2 hours long and are held on a weekday evening (usually between 6pm-8pm). Each class may consist of lead (sometimes guided) meditations, gentle movement exercises (such as mindful yoga), didactic lecture, and group discussion/inquiry (this is part of the experiential learning/psychological debriefing process after each exercise).

Compassion – has two components: (1) common (shared) feeling with the world, (2) a way of communicating with the phenomenal world, and responsiveness by skilful means (wisdom) to alleviate the suffering (discomfort, fear, doubt, stress, pain) of both the other and oneself (definition by Julia E. Wahl, 2014) .

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I’m happy to announce that my 8-week CfC (Compassion for Cancer) course and study (for Female Breast Cancer Patients, stages I-III and 'survivors’) will be starting in January (in Derby)! (it has been approved by a research ethics comittee).

If you’re interested in joining, do let me know. I’d be more than happy to provide you with all the details! My email address:

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