Insight and Compassion – going beyond mindfulness in order to find equanimity, joy, and fulfillment.
2-day Workshop in London. Conducted by Julia E. Wahl & Marcin Fabjanski, PhD

What makes this workshop exceptional is the fact that it focuses on bringing together both Western and Eastern traditions.

Simply being in the present moment won’t be the cure for all ills. Human beings also need a bit of reflection, in-depth meditation. In order to find inner peace and fulfillment (at the individual and social level), they also need to make an effort to build an emotional and moral attitude towards their own life and the lives of others. This workshop provides the opportunity to become acquainted with various philosophical and spiritual traditions invested in what is called “conscious living”. It also aims to help us cultivate reflective meditation.

Among other things, the workshop focuses on:

– learning to recognise your own tension. This helps one respond in an effective way and chose the best strategy;
– learning to manage and neutralise one’s disturbing thoughts and finding the source of our problems in the way we think (not only focusing on the external circumstances). Thus, becoming free from our bodily anxiety and negative scenarios we tend to create;
– learning how to instantly access a deep and reflective state of meditation. Various studies have shown that the state of authentic, deep state of mindfulness and compassion enhance our creativity, joy of life, and in the long-term results in physiological benefits. It is the antidote to us experiencing burn-out and lack of meaning (of life);
– learning to regain the natural emotional equilibrium (by the means of mindfulness and compassion);
– cultivating contemplative philosophical exercises and learning to deepen one’s deliberate reflection on life (personal inquiry).

Date: 07-08/04/2018 (Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 – 17:00).
Venue: London
Price: £200 (early booking – before March 1st). £290 (after March).

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